1 – Even When Carson Wentz is Off, He’s on.


If you drafted Carson Wentz late in your draft or just picked him up off your waivers early in the season, you’ve been very thrilled thus far.

Wentz went into Week 11 already leading the league in passing touchdowns and looked like he had another exploitable matchup against the Cowboys. However, he definitely did not have his best stuff in this game coming off a slow start in the beginning.

After a bye week, it looked like Wentz needed to shake some rust off, completing just over 50% of his passes. Despite this not being his best game, Wentz still threw for two touchdowns and a couple of 2-point conversions ending with 19.9 fantasy points, which was good for another top-5 score at the position going into Monday night.

This game proved that Carson doesn’t always need to do it himself as this high-powered offense can support him week in and week out.


2 – Without Tyron Smith, Dak Prescott is not a Top Ten Quarterback.


The Cowboys have now been without left tackle Tyron Smith and running back Ezekiel Elliot for two weeks and have suffered two losses, coincidence? I don’t think so.

Dallas has really felt the loss of those two players, but it seems no one has felt it worse than Dak Prescott. While Alfred Morris hasn’t been quite Zeke-like, but still managed to be a serviceable running back, Tyron Smith’s replacements haven’t done as well and this situation is becoming a glaring hole.

Dak was sacked 8 times a week ago and 4 times this past week; he’s feeling much more pressure than we’re used to seeing, which it’s forcing him to make quicker decisions. As a result, he recorded a career worst three interceptions and another career worst -1.2 fantasy points.

Now, with only 12 fantasy points in these last two games, expectations for Dak will have to be tempered when Tyron Smith is unavailable. Luckily for Prescott owners, he is expected to play in the Cowboys’ next game on Thanksgiving but, if he suffers a setback, it could mean real trouble.


3- As Long as Winston is Out, Evans is the Only startable Buccaneer.


Jameis Winston has been forced to sit the past couple weeks due to an AC joint sprain in his right shoulder and so journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick has been forced to step in. He has his ups and downs, but there is no question that Jameis is more capable of moving the offense than Fitzpatrick.

Due to Jameis’ injury, there are a few guys who were considered fantasy assets before that are better left on the bench until Jameis returns.

Let’s start with Cameron Brate. Brate looked like a potential top-5 tight end up until the last few games. He does not have the same rapport with Fitzpatrick as he did with Winston and has not had more than a couple of points since the injury.

Next up is Desean Jackson. D-Jax has actually had two solid games since Fitz took over, but the first one, in which he had 6 receptions, was without number 1 target Mike Evans and the second one was salvaged by a touchdown; he’s more of a dart throw flex-play for right now.

Finally, we have Doug Martin. Martin’s disappointing play isn’t all due to the quarterback change as a lot of the blame falls upon himself. The ‘Muscle Hamster’ has received plenty of opportunities and is still averaging under 3.00 yards per carry over the last two weeks. I can’t imagine you’d be able to trade him for anything, so he’s best suited for your bench until he shows he can start again.