Atlanta Braves: Exclusive Interview with Third Baseman Jordan Rodgers

When anyone hears the name Jordan Rodgers, they immediately think of the Bachelor star and brother of Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers. There is another Jordan Rodgers in the sports world, however. He is a third base prospect in the Atlanta Braves’ organization.

After being drafted with the No. 170 overall pick in the 2017 MLB Draft, Rodgers has already become a very intriguing prospect for the Braves. He put together an impressive college baseball career at Tennessee and has legitimate big-league potential looking to the future.

Last season in 63 games in the Braves’ organization with the Rome Braves, Rodgers compiled a .257 batting average to go along with two home runs and 27 RBI’s. He showed flashes of the big potential that the Braves saw in him on draft day.

Rodgers is known for his aggressive bat and quality defense. He has an excellent work ethic and brings a lot of excitement to the diamond. Atlanta has built their farm system the right way and Rodgers is a big part of what they’re looking forward to developing over the next few years.

Evan Massey of Lifestyle Sports 101 had the chance to do an exclusive interview with Rodgers. If you’re a Braves fan or simply a baseball fan that enjoys following prospects on their journey towards the big leagues, this interview is must-read material for you.

First up, we talked about how Rodgers has been enjoying his time with the Braves’ organization so far.

“It’s been good. They’ve treated me well and I really enjoyed Rome.”

Next up, the conversation shifted to what Rodgers tries to bring to the field each and every game.

“A lot of versatility and leadership. Will make the plays on defense for our pitchers and will swing it gap to gap.”

He also opened up about what he thinks his biggest strengths and weaknesses are at this point in his career.

“Strengths are definitely defense and competing every day. Finding barrel. Two things I’d like to see improve are to steal more bases and see my power increase.”

Rodgers talked about who his favorite team and player were growing up and how finally becoming a professional player himself has felt.

“Favorite team was the Yankees because they were winning when I was little and my favorite player was Derek Jeter. It’s been a huge blessing. I appreciate getting to play ball every day and live out part of my dream.”

Jordan also discussed a current MLB player that he thinks his game closely resembles.

“I don’t really try to model my game after anyone. But I think my game is fairly similar to Ian Kinsler’s. We are both middle infielders. Same body type, similar types of players. Gap to gap and I like the way he defends.”

He also gave advice for any young player that is hoping to make their own dream of becoming a professional baseball player a reality.

“Just to control what they can and not worry about stuff that they can’t. Enjoy the game and compete with no one but themselves. Be a better them every day and believe in themselves. They’ll be surprised where that can take them.”

We went on to talk about what Rodgers’ goals are for the upcoming 2018 season.

“My goals are to put together a full healthy season. Continue playing good defense. I’d like to see my power increase a little. And to take care of my day to day business and let the rest take care of itself.”

Finally, Jordan sent out a shoutout to those who have helped him get to this point of his career to close out the interview.

“Just thanks for having me and that I’m really excited for this year. A big shoutout to my parents. They’re my heroes. Also Jon Mungle. He’s been my hitting coach since I was 16 and has become a lot more than that. Like a big brother to me that I can lean on because he’s been through it. Also a small group of really good friends that have always been there for me. And last but not least the Man upstairs. 🙌🏻👏🏼. Go Braves!”

We hope that you have enjoyed this interview and will follow Jordan as he takes the next step in his career in 2018.

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