NFL Rumors: Could Atlanta Falcons Trade WR Julio Jones?

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones is one of the most talented players in the NFL and he has been uber productive since being drafted in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft. Despite being the star and centerpiece of the Falcons’ offense, something happened on Tuesday that seemed to send their fans and the entire NFL into a panic.

On Tuesday, Jones decided to make his Twitter private to only those that followed him, while also removing all pictures of him associated with the Falcons from his Instagram account. While Jones did re-open his Twitter account shortly thereafter, him removing the pictures from his Instagram page certainly bring up some interesting questions.

Throughout his seven-year career with the Falcons, Julio Jones has recorded over 1,000 yards five times, including leading the league with 1,871 yards in 2015. The only two seasons he didn’t break the 1,000-yard mark were his rookie year, where he went for 959 yards, and in 2013 when he suffered a season-ending injury after just five games. That production would certainly be appreciated by any team in the league, if the Falcons were to make this blockbuster move.

Jones is currently in the third year of a monster five-year, $71 million deal. While trading Jones would be a controversial one, it would give the Falcons a chance to build up picks in next week’s NFL Draft and give them the chance to take a receiver in the first round, possibly another former Crimson Tide player Calvin Ridley.

If the Atlanta Falcons do make this big move, where could be some landing spots for Julio Jones? Only time will tell.

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