Letter from the Editor

The fitness and performance industry is a strange place.


On one side, you have people unashamed to flaunt their knowledge and bodies at the drop of a hat, on the other you have genius coaches who don’t even have a social media account of note.


For the everyday person and athlete, this is the problem: the right message isn’t being sent, the noise is canceling it out.


For every Jen Selter in the world, you have coaches who help hundreds and thousands of people in earnest. With a dedication and commitment to what is right and best for the person, they work with, not just for their pocket.


LifeStyle Sports: Performance is hoping to change the way you receive your information. The real deal, behind the scenes of some of the best athletes in the country, training with coaches you may never have heard of.


That’s what we want.


The current stuff that is working for people. The actual workouts athletes are doing. The actual information that is creating startling results.


Less filter. More results.


You would think that this is the lead for the industry as a whole. Giving great results. Yet, a lot of it is clickbait and flash. We promise to never be that.


Behind the scenes with top coaches from around the country, live videos of sessions with pro athletes, interviews with coaches where their methods are tested and exposed, reviews of products and tools to help you get better.


Fitness and Performance is a lifestyle for many. When living any lifestyle, you always want to live it the best way possible. That’s what our mission is at Lifestyle Sports. Welcome to the Lifestyle.


Bill Rom

Fitness and Performance Editor

Bill has spent over a decade coaching athletes to improve on the field including athletes in the NFL, MLB and throughout the NCAA. Today, he owns Superior Athletics where he trains his athletes while being the editor of the Performance team for Lifestyle Sports.