Chicago White Sox: Exclusive Interview with Pitcher Kade McClure

The Chicago White Sox have been stuck in a rut for the past few years and are hoping that building the right way can bring them out of it. How have they been running the rebuild? Acquiring as much young talent as possible and letting that talent rise up together through their organization.

One of those young pieces that the White Sox are hoping helps bring them back into contention is 2017 sixth-round draft pick Kade McClure.

McClure may not be a household name for White Sox fans, but it won’t take long for him to work his way into discussion among diehard. He is a 6-foot-7, 230-pound pitcher that joined the team in the 2017 MLB Draft. While he may not have a lot of hype surrounding him right now, there is no question that the recognition will come.

During the 10 games that McClure was able to play with the White Sox organization in 2017 after being drafted, he showed flashes of big potential. He finished the year with a 0.82 ERA to go along with a save in 11 innings pitched.

If you are a White Sox fan that wants to get to know more about McClure, you’ve come to the right place.

Our own Evan Massey had the chance to sit down for an exclusive interview with McClure. Quite a few topics were discussed, including what to expect to see from him on the mound, some of his background before breaking into the major leagues, and much more.

First up, we discused what being a part of the White Sox has been like for him thus far.

“It’s been about making adjustments so far. Learning the ropes of the organization and learning the philosophies just like it was walking on to campus as a freshman at Louisville.”

He went on to talk about who his favorite team and player were growing up. McClure also talked about how it feels to finally be a professional baseball player himself.

“As a kid growing up in the greater Cleveland area I was a huge IndiansN fan. My favorite player was Omar Vizquel. Who ironically¬†coaches our High-A team within our organization. Being a pro has a nice ring to it that’s for sure, but the grind is all the same and now I just have to work that much harder.”

Next up, we talked about what fans can expect to see from him and what he brings to the mound.

“I would say that I bring a physical presence to the mound. Being a big guy, you need to command the attention of opposing players and it’s easier to do that when you tower over them. But second to that is being a guy who is able to put the ball in the zone and let my defense work. I don’t try to strike out every hitter, I trust my teammates and allow them to make the plays.”

At this point in his career, McClure seems to have locked in on some of his biggest strengths and weaknesses.

“I feel that I am a hard working and dedicated athlete. I put a lot of focus into eating right, and keeping my body in as best shape as possible. My weakness would be that I’m not at my full potential yet.”

He also talked about what his goals for the upcoming 2018 season are.

“My goals for this season would to be stay healthy, come into the field everyday with a positive mindset regardless of a poor performance, and to end the year pushing towards that next level wherever that may be within the system.”

We asked if there was a current player that he would compare his game or tries to model it after. He had this to say about that question.

“I’m not too sure, I don’t watch a ton of MLB baseball with the grind of our season, playing every night doesn’t leave a ton of free time to see other teams play. The player I love to watch is Cory Kluber of the Cleveland Indians.”

Finally, Kade sent out a message to close the interview.

“Thank you for reaching out to me. I want to thank all the people back home in Mentor, OH and the University of Louisville where I spent three very quick years. To my friends, family, former coaches, and teammates: without you all I wouldn’t be half the man or ball player that I am today. So thank you for being who inspire me every single day to want to be the best at what I do.”

We hope that you have enjoyed this interview and will follow Kade in 2018 as he takes the next step in his journey to the big leagues.

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