Comparing Jose Altuve’s first 1,002 games with Derek Jeter

Reigning American League MVP Jose Altuve played game number 1,002 last night against the Seattle Mariners. He went 3-4 with four RBI to add to an impressive .342/.398/.392 start to the season.

Altuve is widely considered to be one of the best all-around hitters in the game, having compiled four consecutive 200+ hit seasons. To have a player consistently hit in the .330’s for four seasons in a row in unheard of in today’s game. Houston’s second baseman has proven to be on another level at the plate, and recently added power to his game with consecutive 20+ home runs seasons.

Altuve’s dominance at the plate reminds me a lot of Derek Jeter. Interestingly enough, Jeter and Altuve have very similar stat lines through their first 1,002 games.

Jeter: (.318/.390/.466) 4,399 PA, 4,014 AB, 758 R, 1277 H, 198 2B, 38 3B, 107 HR, 520 RBI, 147 SB, 427 BB, 723 SO

Altuve: (.317/.363/.452) 4,556 PA, 4,030 AB, 571 R, 1277 H, 247 2B, 23 3B, 84 HR, 411 RBI, 232 SB, 271 BB, 474 SO

Both players have the same number of hits and essentially the same batting average. Naturally, Jeter has more runs and RBI because of the team he played on. Jeter came up at the beginning of the “Core Four” era whereas Altuve endured two 100-loss seasons and another 90 loss season with the Astros

Both players started full-time at the age of 22. Jeter won Rookie of the Year, Altuve did not. However, Jeter never got that MVP award, whereas Altuve still has ample time to get one or two more.

We are witnessing another Jeter-esque career in the making (maybe even better). Barring any major injuries, there is no doubt that Altuve will be in the league for a long time. Additionally, the Astros are on the brink of a dynasty, which could give Altuve four to five rings when his career comes to an end.

What Altuve has been able to do to this point is nothing short of spectacular. The question is whether he will be able to sustain it for another eight years.

Do you think Altuve will end up with a better career than Jeter?


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