ESPN shares depressing statistics for the Washington Capitals’ OT losses

Heading into the NHL Playoffs, the Washington Capitals felt like they could make a run at the Stanley Cup. They have had rough luck in recent years, but they firmly believed that this would be the year that they turned things around. Unfortunately, that has not been the case through the first two games of their series against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Both of the first two games have come down to the wire. Washington has lost both games in overtime.

ESPN Stats & Info took to Twitter to share some depressing statistics for the Capitals. If you’re a Caps’ fan, you may want to look away, as they don’t share a very favorable outcome for teams that lose Games 1 and 2 of a series in overtime.

Washington must now travel to Columbus for the third and fourth games of the series. Taking at least one of those games would force the Blue Jackets to head back to Washington. While there is still hope, there is no question that losing two straight games in overtime in the fashion that the Capitals have is deflating.

Hopefully, the Capitals can rebound with a big win in Game 3. Washington will be trying to change history for home teams that lose the first two games of a playoff series at home in overtime. Usually, teams that try to change history have a very difficult time doing so.

Make sure to tune in on Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m. ET to watch the Capitals take on the Blue Jackets in Game 3.

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