Lavar Ball removes LiAngelo Ball from UCLA

In a typical Lavar Ball manner, the head honcho of the “Baller Brand” has made the news once again. In a report first made by TMZ Sports, it has become official the middle son of the “Ball Dynasty” will no longer be on the UCLA basketball team, nor will he continue to attend the university as a student.

Last month, LiAngelo and two other teammates were arrested and suspended indefinitely from the team after it was confirmed that they stole from several stores during a team trip to China. While in China, LiAngelo and the other teammates were placed under house arrest until the Chinese government decided what charges they would pursue against the young men.

It’s unfortunate that LiAngelo, a freshman at UCLA, never played a game for the team after following in his older brother Lonzo’s footsteps; wherever he decides to go or, more accurately, wherever his “father” decides for him to go, he can hopefully get back on track and do what he does best: Playing basketball.

Roland Hope IV is a sports writer who covers baseball, basketball, and football. Roland is also a contributor at Fansided and EliteSportsNY.