Mike Trout is not the best player in baseball

Mike Trout has taken the baseball world by storm. His electrifying play has captivated the game, and dawned him as the greatest player of our generation. But that’s not the case. 


Mike Trout made his Major League debut in 2011 as a 19-year-old. He was a late season call up, and won the Rookie of the Year in 2012. In his first six full seasons, he was been an All Star each year, won two MVP awards, five silver sluggers. He has clubbed 201 home runs, driven in 569 runs, tallied 1,040 hits and scored 692 times.

Many has dubbed Trout as the greatest player of all time, noting his skill set as something out of this world. Comparisons to Ted Williams and Mickey Mantle have come in, and are a bit drastic for a guy who has played in part of seven seasons. While Trout has remarkable skill, he is not the best player in the game right now.

You can make the case for a number of players as to who is the best in baseball. Paul Goldschmidt has been tearing it up in the desert for the past few seasons, Nolan Arenado is the modern RBI goliath in Colorado, Jose Altuve hits anything that his bat can touch, Joey Votto has been a beast in Cincinnati for years and Jose Ramirez is an extra base hit machine. It’s all about perspective and, for Trout, he just blossomed at the right time.


Baseball in 2017 is littered with young talented ballplayer.


The game is in a great state, with any number of guys who can be the face of the game. That wasn’t the case a few years ago.

In 2012, Trout’s first year, Major League Baseball was at an interesting time. The game was looking for a new superstar, as some of its games best were on their way out. Derek Jeter, David Ortiz and Albert Pujols were at the end of their careers, and the game was looking for a face. Insert a young stud playing in Los Angels who can hit the ball a mile and run like the wind.

Mike Trout was baseball during his first few years. He and Bryce Harper ran the table, but all the focus quickly shifted onto Trout. Everything he did was the focus on the night’s highlights. From his amazing catches to his remarkable hits, Trout was the focus. He was handed award after award, some undeserving including the MVP award in 2016.

After missing a majority of 2017, he still managed to still finish fourth in the voting. The fact that he still gets votes after a mediocre season in which the Angels were awful shows how the media is trying to overhype him. Mike Trout is a phenomenal player, but there are other players better than him in baseball. In addition, Mike Trout has barley been around during the postseason.

The goal of any baseball team is to make the playoffs and win the World Series, something Trout has failed to do. The Angels have only made the World Series once with Trout, getting swept in the 2014 ALDS by the Kansas City Royals. In that series, Trout went a measly 1-12. If this trend continues, Mike Trout might go down as one of the best regular season players of all time.

Mike Trout still has a lot to prove if he wants to be the face of the game, and be dubbed the best of his generation. Baseball isn’t just all highlight reel catches and a nice stat sheet. You need to win if you want to be noticed as one of the greatest. Trout has to make at least one deep postseason run if he want to be recognized as the best player in baseball.

Cory is a former college player with a passion for playing, learning, and writing about sports. You can follow him on twitter @CBearr57 and @BaseballQuotes1 or contact him at CJFallon@me.com