MLB: Could John Ferrell or Joe Girardi head back to managing?

The Cincinnati Reds fired its manager, Bryan Price, on Thursday morning after a slow start to the regular season. In Price’s fifth season at the helm, the Reds have started the 2018 season with a 3-15 record, the worst in baseball.

The Reds will now have to rely on interim manager Jim Riggleman to lead the team for the better half of the season as the organization sets out to find a new leader. Bob Nightendale reported that Barry Larkin is the initial leading candidate, however former Yankees manager Joe Girardi and former Red Sox manager John Farrell are on the list as well.

Both were fired by their respective teams last season, but each had a drastically different endings. Girardi led the underdog Yankees to within one game of the World Series, losing game seven of the American League Championship Series to the Houston Astros. Farrell led the Red Sox to a division title, but was edged by the Astros in four games in the American League Division Series.

Currently, Girardi is an analyst for MLB network and Farrell is an analyst for ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight.” Both are knowledgeable baseball minds that are still capable of managing. In his tenure with the Yankees, Girardi won a World Series title in 2009, and his 910 wins was the sixth most in franchise history.

Farrell won a World Series in 2013 in his five years with the Red Sox and his 432 wins are sixth most in franchise history as well.

The question is, who would be a better fit for a struggling Reds franchise?

Farrell dealt with a relatively young team in Boston, and led them to several division titles. However, he struggled to make it past the first round of the playoffs aside from his first year in 2013. Girardi, on the other hand, experienced much success early in his career due to the “Core Four” that was playing under his watch. After all of those players retired, the Yankees struggled until 2017, where a new breed of talent came to the forefront.

The Reds need someone who can develop its young talent, so Girardi seems like the better fit in this case. The performance of the 2017 Yankees shows that he will do what Price did not do; guide a rebuild. Not to say Farrell is not qualified, but Girardi seems better suited for a team in the state that the Reds are.

Who do you think the Reds will hire?

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