Potential Trades for The Cleveland Cavaliers

After last nights 116-111 victory over Memphis, the Cavs have now won 11 games in a row. The early struggles that caused many to panic – has subsided. Heading into December with a 16-7 record, and reports that Isaiah Thomas is coming back soon, Cleveland should be feeling good about their team.

With that being said the teams they are beating now are no comparison to what the Cavs will face in June. Barring an injury the Cavs will likely be facing Golden State, Houston or San Antonio; three teams that are loaded with talent and extremely well coached. To have a chance to beat any of these teams the Cavs will likely have to make a deal.

There have been many reports recently that the two players the Cavs seem focused on are Marc Gasol of the Memphis Grizzlies and Paul George of the Oklahoma City ThunderThe Grizzlies fired their coach Dave Fizdale and with the injury to star point guard Mike Conley they may be looking to rebuild. Gasol would be a great piece for the Cavs and teams like the Warriors have struggled against him in the past. The Thunder have continued their struggles and if they cannot figure it out they would likely be better off getting what they can for George who is said to have his mind set on playing for the Lakers next season.

Brian Windhorst, an ESPN NBA reporter who follows the Cavs told ESPN Cleveland he believes Gasol will likely not be traded but the Cavs should keep an eye on the situation unfolding in OKC. A package that included either Channing Frye, Iman Shumpert, or Tristan Thompson along with the 2018 Brooklyn 1st round pick may be enough at the deadline. Nothing is set in stone so early in the season but expect the Cavs to be on the lookout for another star to keep the best player in the World happy – and in Cleveland.