San Francisco Giants: A Stanton and Ohtani Pairing Could Make for a Scary Team

Giancarlo Stanton and Japanese phenom Shohei Ohtani are the two most sought out players in this year’s offseason and the San Francisco Giants could very well steal them both. That’s right, Mr. 59 Home Runs and Japan’s Babe Ruth have a chance to end up on the same team. Here is how it can happen and what it would look like for the Giants if it does happen.

Craig Mish reported Tuesday morning that the Giants have released the full trade offer to Miami to acquire Stanton.

This trade includes San Francisco’s top four prospects, Tyler Beede, Heliot Ramos, Chris Shaw, and Christian Arroyo. Henry Schulman later reported that Arroyo was not part of the deal. This is all still assuming that the Giants take a hefty part of Stanton’s contract.

All Stanton has to do is approve

The Giants have shown that they are actively pursuing this trade by being willing to take on the contract and deal some of their best farmhands. Now all they have to do is market. They have to convince Stanton that the Bay is the place for him. The place where he will get that World Series ring that he so desperately wants. The place where he will be sending baseballs into McCovey’s Cove like Barry Bonds did during his tenure with the Giants. Marketing is the key.

Now we go to Ohtani

This is the most interesting free agent situation that I have ever seen. The man is a complete opposite of a typical free agent. There are players like J.D. Martinez, Lorenzo Cain, and Jake Arrieta who are looking for nothing but money. The team that they play for is almost an afterthought. That is how most free agents work in today’s game. Ohtani is completely different though.

He is a 23-year-old who could wait two more years before entering the MLB and make a boatload of money, but decided to come this year because he wants to play against the best competition in the world. He just wants to play ball, and no one can blame him for that. Money does not matter to him, and he showed that by declining the Yankees. They had the second highest amount of international signing pool money.

The fact that he made all 30 teams write presentations on how they planned on using him shows that he could care less about what kind of money he will make. He is more concerned about his individual success and how teams will accommodate his needs the best.

Now that the Giants have been named one of seven finalists for Ohtani to sign with, they have a legitimate chance to bring him to the team.

Again, marketing will be the key.

Honestly, I think the combination of Ohtani and Stanton has a pretty good chance of happening. At least, I would like to see it happen. The two of them could cause some real damage at the plate. The Giants seem intensely committed to acquiring both of them. As more reports come in, the more it seems like that it is actually going to happen.

With Stanton and Ohtani leading the Giants, they turn into instant contenders

Pairing Stanton and Ohtani with Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford, and Joe Panik makes for a potent offense. With a starting rotation anchored by Madison Bumgarner and Ohtani with the likes of Johnny Cueto and Jeff Samardzija, this team would come together very nicely if they pull this off. Add in a couple of MLB ready prospects or free agents, and they are set. The Giants could pull off one of the greatest offseasons in a long time. They just have to market.

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