Seattle Seahawks: Top Team Needs in 2018 NFL Draft

The Seattle Seahawks ended the 2017 season with a 9-7 record and fell just short of the postseason. They have a lot of questions they need to answer entering the offseason and they can probably address some of their problems going into the the 2018 NFL Draft. Depending on how their offseason goes, the Seahawks could find them back on top of the NFC or falling to the back of the line.

The Seahawks’ only big problem throughout the 2017 season was along their offensive line, which they tried to address during the season by trading for Houston Texans offensive tackle Duane Brown. They could soon be facing a problem in the secondary with impending injury and contract battles with Richard Sherman and on their defensive line with Michael Bennett possibly wanting out. Both of those are positions they should focus heavily in the draft next month.

Defensive End

With recent talks that veteran end Michael Bennett could be on his way out, the Seattle Seahawks’ top priority has become to find a potential replacement for him. They are going to have to be sure about their first-round pick, since they don’t have another until the mid-fourth round. They could address any three of their biggest needs, but if Bennett is gone, defensive end will be at the top of the list.

This could be good news for LSU’s Arden Key, who has slowly been dropping down the first-round draft boards. Key would fit in well with the Seahawks’ scheme and could play either with his hand on the ground or standing up. If they wait until the later rounds, the Seahawks could look at Florida State’s Josh Sweat.


There is no telling where Richard Sherman’s head is at right now nor where his Achilles injury is either. Sherman could be well on his way out after the 2018 season and the Seattle Seahawks should probably look to address that future need now. The cornerback depth of talent fizzles out around the third round this year, so they should probably look to adding one in the first round or so.

If they go with a first round pick on a corner, they have a number of options. Iowa’s Joshua Jackson could still be around at No. 18, but the more likely pick would be either Denzel Ward from Ohio State, Isaiah Oliver from Colorado, or even Mike Hughes from Central Florida. Whoever it is, the Seahawks probably shouldn’t wait to take a chance on Texas’s Holton Hill, who some experts have them taking.

Offensive Line

The Seattle Seahawks have a broad range of problems on the offensive line right now. They traded for Duane Brown during the season, but he isn’t exactly a spring chicken as he is entering his 11th season. The Seahawks would have probably taken Billy Price from Ohio State in the first round, but he just tore a pectoral muscle at the Combine, so that will likely drop his stock.

Their fourth round pick and at least one of their three picks in the fifth round should be used to boost their offensive line. Pittsburgh’s Brian O’Neill could be an interesting pick for the Seahawks as he should be a very quick tackle on the edge. Will Clapp would also be a huge pickup for the team as he would be able to open holes for whoever is running the ball out of the backfield.

Caleb Bailey is a seven-year veteran of the sports journalism world. Be sure to follow him on Twitter for more of his work with Lifestyle Sports 101.