Swaggin’ on a Hundred, Thousand, Trillion: Who are the Swaggiest Players on the Diamond Today?

Growing up a baseball fanatic and playing the game I have always cherished, every time I stepped on the ball field I always had to look the part.


I often imitated my baseball heroes and would often copy what they wore, how they moved and how they played. For me, playing shortstop as a kid, I would love to field groundballs in the hole and go into a Derek Jeter jump throw. If I had to make a backhand pop-up slide, I would do my best Rey Ordonez impression (if you don’t know who Rey Ordonez is, look up his defensive highlights on YouTube).

At the plate, there was no sweeter swing than Ken Griffey Junior’s. In practice, I put the backwards hat on, hacked away and looked to put the ball over the wall.

I wore number 13 for Alex Rodriguez, I wore arm bands and sleeves like David Wright and, as I got older, I wore nothing but all-white cleats.

Every player develops a style and a swagger to them, just like the players we see in the majors. Which leads me to this question: who are the “swaggiest” players in the game today?


Bryce Harper, OF – WAS

Whether you love him or hate him, he is one of a kind. Harper is known for the hair flip, flow and beard. The eye black, Under Armour cleats, arm sleeves and big swings all match the intensity he plays with. He doesn’t back down and plays with an attitude. There is nothing wrong with being a little cocky either, especially when you back it up by hitting .318 with 29 home runs and 87 RBIs.

Brandon Phillips, 2B – LAA

Brandon Phillips has been one of the best all-around 2nd basemen for the past decade. He is always consistent at the dish and in the field and always consistent with his swag. In the field, he rocks one of the nicest gloves in baseball – his own custom Wilson A2000. He also rocks batting gloves in his back pockets. He wears multiple arm sleeves and wrist bands (with both team colors) and, after actually getting to meet him in person, he is one of the nicest and most humbled players in baseball. Can’t forget: Anyone with the nickname “Dat Dude” has to be one of the coolest players in baseball.


Yoenis Cespedes, OF – NYM

What is not to love about “La Potencia”? The bat flips, the neon sleeve and necklace and wearing the unique number 52, which is a perfect outfielder number. In practice, he wears the backwards cap, just like Griffey has. On top of all of that, he is one of the most fun and electric players in the game today. Oh, and how can I forget that nuke of an arm? Who wouldn’t want to hose runners at the plate just like “Yo”?


Marcus Stroman, SP – TOR

Stroman has the most swag for any pitcher by far. The Nike spikes are always on point and are always changed up. The gloves color scheme that he uses is sick. I have always like the 3/4 sleeves look for pitchers and the chains are nice as well. The Blue Jays already have one of the nicest uniforms in baseball and Stroman compliments the uniform with his accessories to perfection.


Yadier Molina, C – STL

This one is for the catchers! I love Molina’s gear: All red everything from head to toe with the gold Rawlings logo honoring all of his gold gloves. The hockey style mask with the backwards hat is something that only Yadi pulls off. The tattoos are sick and every single catcher from the high school level up compares their pop time and arm to his. Molina has always been and will continue to be the catcher to immolate.


Andrew McCutchen, OF – PIT

Even after cutting off the dreadlocks, he never lost his swag. He alternates wearing pants down and high socks, but when the socks are showing the pattern is nice. McCutchen is another guy similar to Phillips who knows how to accessorize with different kind of arm sleeves, arm bands and wrist bands. I am also a big fan of the Marucci bat and Nike sunglasses. McCutchen knows how to look the part and play the part.


Honorable Mentions

Javier Baez, 2B – CHC, Aaron Judge, OF – NYY, Troy Tulowitzki, SS – TOR Jose Reyes, SS – NYM Giancarlo Stanton, OF – MIA, Salvador Perez, C – KC Hanley Ramirez, 1B/DH – BOS and Kris Bryant, 3B – CHC

Agree or disagree with this list? Let us know who you think has the most swag in Major League Baseball!

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