The NBA’s Newest Trend: Ejections

A rather controversial and shocking trend has been spreading like wildfire across the Basketball world: Ejections.

This season has been a plethora of ejections, in regards to the “superstars”.

LeBron James, in his 15th season, was ejected for the first time on Nov. 28 after allegedly “throwing an air-punch” toward referee Kane Fitzgerald.

Kevin Durant received his third career ejection, after issuing some fairly vulgar and diminishing language toward a referee.

Anthony Davis was also ejected, arguing a foul against Timberwolves forward Karl-Anthony Towns. He was held back by multiple teammates, but still managed to slip out a few times and made motions toward the referee.


This is certainly a bad thing for the game, as things can certainly escalate quickly. The tensions are very high during all times of a basketball game, so a quick and staggering ejection comes down on a “high-profile” player, retaliation is imminent.  

This almost happened during the Golden State and Miami game on Dec. 3, where Warriors point guard Shaun Livingston was ejected for touching referee Courtney Kirkland. The two then went face-to-face before the ejection was handed down.

Livingston, along with James and Davis, received his first ejections of his career and found his way to the locker room early. 

It will be interesting to see if this will influence a change in play-style or, at least, dim the intensity on the court.

Only time will tell, but all eyes will be on the guys with the whistle.

23-year-old Rutgers Journalism Student.